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Need direction to boost your self esteem and increase your self confidence so you can take control of your life by overcoming your fears and doubts?


Finally Increase your self belief and move out of your comfort zone to start getting the results you deserve with direct access to a full day of proven insights from international thought leaders.


What is awareness to grow?

Awareness to grow is a live event hosting 6 international speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields

We have brought together a collective of thought leaders to help you achieve significant milestones in your life.” Bernie Garrett - Leadership Authority

Is Awareness to Grow for You?

Awareness to Grow is for you if:

  • You need Direction? - You’ll get an easy to follow roadmap to empower you to take action.
  • You need to take Control? - You’ll get actionable insights to empower you to make the right decisions.
  • You need Support? - You’ll get Access to a professional team.
  • You need to overcome Fear & Doubt? - You’ll get an actionable framework.
  • You need to remove Anxiety from your life? - You’ll get insights in developing certainty in outcomes.
  • You need Clarity of Thought? - You’ll get insights in creating your Big picture vision.
  • You don’t know who to ask? - You’ll get access to a like minded exclusive community of people looking to take action.
  • You need to increase your self esteem? - You’ll get an actionable framework to improve your self esteem.
  • You need to increase you self belief - You’ll get proven insights to increase your self belief.
  • You need to increase your self confidence - you’ll get actionable insights to improve your self confidence.
  • You need to improve your attitude - You’ll get an easy to follow framework to improve your attitude.
  • You need to start getting good results in your life - You’ll get proven insights to create your own action plan.
  • You need to build momentum - You’ll get an actionable blueprint to help you continually build movement toward your desired outcome.
  • You need to move out of your comfort zone - You’ll get knowledge on how to be empowered to move out of your comfort zone at will.

What your life could be like after the event…

What is possible with an easy actionable supported plan to help you reach your desired goals

Imagine for one moment that you now have the power to take control of your life by removing your fears, doubts and finally move out of your comfort zone to take action so you can achieve your goals.

Be Inspired as the speakers share and teach from their personal experiences

The calculated risk that Inspired The 4,642 Mile journey home to The Dream career

In just one experience Bernie Garret will share; how he was able to move out of his comfort zone by leaving a healthy 6 figure paying corporate position, where he was based overseas and take back control, by actioning his big picture vision.

This decision alone allowed him the opportunity to grow into an international leadership authority

Awareness without Action is worthless….

Learn from and interact with 6 inspirational speakers who will share proven insights to help you move from awareness to action so you can activate your personal growth

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Why Awareness To Grow May Not Be For You?

This event is NOT for you if;

  • You are happy with your current circumstances in life
  • You already have a plan of attack and know exactly how to achieve your goals,
  • You have no problem taking action and moving out of your comfort zone
  • You have no problem keeping an optimistic and positive attitude
  • You never let fear and doubt take control
  • You already have access to a team of professionals to mentor you
  • You never suffer from low self esteem or low self confidence

What Are People saying about our speakers?

I wasn't sure what to expect; however, my expectations were not only met - they were exceeded. Each speaker shared their very personal journey with so much authenticity.

N Hewitt

What a wonderful, uplifting day! I took so many brilliant insights and gems of wisdom away from the diverse range of speaker, I wouldn't even be able to pick a favourite. I cannot wait for more events like this in Newcastle.

B Smyth

Bernie and Justin, saying thank you just isn't enough. I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity of attending Awareness to Grow yesterday. The calibre of speakers was second to none, it was an incredibly inspiring day that I'll never forget. I can now hand on heart say that I feel assured and empowered to be the person I want to be. Thank you!!

What a great event. Such high quality speakers with inspirational stories that exceeded all my expectations. Thank you to all that spoke and brought the event together. Look forward to the next event.

M O'Shea

Bernie and Justin, saying thank you just isn't enough. I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity of attending Awareness to Grow yesterday. The calibre of speakers was second to none, it was an incredibly inspiring day that I'll never forget. I can now hand on heart say that I feel assured and empowered to be the person I want to be. Thank you!!

J Ross

I didn't know what to expect when I registered for the event however afterwards I felt reenergised, refocused & inspired. All of the speakers had great stories to tell of how they overcame some type of adversity(apart from Alex McKinnon who is still challenged) & the choices they made to create something that makes a difference in someone else's life. The speakers openly shared their experiences in a safe environment often displaying their vulnerability but in a way that made their messages more honest for the audience. The speakers provided us with inspiring messages about focus & desire to change their world & challenge others along the way. It was a great day & congratulations to Bernie on achieving his dream to hold this event & allowing the delegates to share his vision.

J Garis

Awesome event. Didn't know what to expect but as a young person searching for clarity professionally and personally I left with plenty of tools to tackle the future!

D O'Leary

Saturday the 25th of February was a game changer for Newcastle and all those who attended, as an eclectic group of speakers who came from different life experiences all converged at the on central point which was an awareness to grow!

D Carey

What a day. To bring such a varied group of people together and produce such solid teaching was a massive achievement. Congrats to Bernie and the whole team for an extremely successful day, looking forward to the next one to continue my journey.

K Maytom

The team and I have embraced Bernie's leadership training and by focusing on adding value in our daily activities, we have found positive outcomes being experienced by our community

Viv Allanson CEO

Maroba Health Care

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen is a uniquely skilled facilitator. She is heartfelt and blends sensitivity and compassion with an intellectual acumen that is superlative. She is always well prepared and embodies the material she is discussing. Her energy is uplifting and magnetic. It is a privilege to co-facilitate workshops and events with her.  

Dr. Neil Kobrin, PhD

‘The Academy of Mindful Psychology’, San Francisco

Without Bernie's vast experience in sales and leadership, we would not be in the positive position we are today.

Daniel Ogle - General Manager

WHO Printing

I am delighted to endorse the outstanding workshop Charlotte Thaarup-Owen presented to a group of Student Coordinators from the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The presentation was well-researched, contemporary in orientation and highly engaging. Given the response of the attendees, we have no hesitation in continuing to engage Charlotte and her work on Mindfulness.

Gerard Mowbray, Assistant Director

Catholic Schools Office.

Bernie has gone over and above my expectations to deliver mind changing leadership training. It’s changed me, my senior team, managers and staff in how we; think, speak and act every day.

David Carey CEO


Charlotte is the best seminar presenter I have ever had including my university years at Berkeley and Cambridge

Chris Barton Head of Mobile Operator Business Development


Why Awareness to grow is not just another speaking event…

You’ll get access to;

  • A diverse collective of thought leaders - to help you take control of your personal and professional direction
  • Easy to action roadmaps - proven insights will shared from real life experiences
  • Access to mentorship - interact with our speakers and determine the level of support you need

Why You can’t afford To Miss Awareness to Grow

If you miss this event you'll still have;

  1. No roadmap or direction to guide you towards success in your life
  2. No professional support network
  3. No opportunity for your personal improvement and sustainable growth

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Finally Be Able To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Picture yourself being able to take action by moving out of your comfort zone and taking control of your life direction to achieve your big picture vision...

Ever Wondered How They Did It?

What our speakers attribute their success to...

  1. Access to Mentorship
  2. Surrounding yourself with a Like minded Community
  3. Using a proven system that leads to success

What You Get

8 Hours of direct access to 6 international keynote speakers Value over $19,997

  • $167 general admission
  • $197 - Priority Seating
  • $297 - Priority seating | One on one meeting with speakers | Photographs


  • Healthy and delicious food and drinks
  • Access to exclusive products and experiences to help you connect with your body and mind

Once you are a member of the awareness to grow community;

  1. You will Get Early bird priority seating opportunities on future events
  2. You will get access to the exclusive A2G Facebook group
  3. Regular tips and updates from our key speakers

As a member you will be notified via email for all the latest news and success stories.


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